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Why I Chose Not to Blog This Week

I’ve been posting at least 2 articles per week all year. This week however, I have taken an intentional break. Here’s why:

I’ve dedicated much of my week to working on a project that is very important to me, and that I am very excited about…

Since 2009, I’ve been very interested in finding a way to enable my estate planning clients to prepare their living trusts and related estate planning documents largely online. It just makes sense. Online interaction is where our economy is rapidly growing. Many consumers demand it.

Unfortunately, the legal field is just not up to speed with its online offerings, at least as it relates to the concept of preparing a living trust online. To date, the options are either a DIY website (rarely a successful option), or a small number of (slightly) superior online options that are either too complicated for a consumer to really grasp and be able to work with, or are just too simple and inflexible.

I’ve searched all available alternatives, including the “off the shelf” options (and there are truly just a couple at this point available for license to attorneys) and have determined that, in order to really do this right, and have an offering that I could stand behind, I needed to create it on my own. Re-invent the wheel, so to speak.

So that’s what I have been doing this week. My son is camping all week, and I had few meetings on my calendar. So I saw open field and have been running with it.

But it’s been a work in progress not at all limited to this particular week. I have spent countless hours over the past several months crafting questions and options that are easy for people to understand, yet still sophisticated enough to get the job done at a high level and create a phenomenal living trust online, without sacrificing quality in any way, and giving my clients all the needed information and interaction to feel comfortable and confident in the process of creating their estate plan online.

As you can probably tell, I’m pretty excited. It’s actually coming together way better than I envisioned in my head.

Stay tuned for updates and a roll-out over the next couple of months while I finalize the online interviews and test it all out. The platform includes plain English explanations about living trusts and estate planning, simple yet comprehensive question and answer sessions, and an array of options not currently available to consumers who want to prepare an online living trust and related documents.


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