We offer pricing options to best suit our clients’ values and desired level of service. Our clients typically fall into two categories of service, either “lean and mean” or “do it all for me.” Naturally, different levels of service require different pricing structures.
“Lean and mean” clients are motivated to get the most bang for their legal buck, and are willing to assume a bit more responsibility for the signing of documents and transfer of their assets (with our direction and instructions). They value saving money, and tend to be more do-it-yourself orientated, but only to a degree. They want to do as much as they can on their own, but also be sure they are receiving the proper guidance to avoid mistakes. They like to maximize the use of technology and other resources, and are less interested in hand holding and in-person meetings to complete the process. As a result, their prices are among the lowest in the market for a comprehensive and expertly prepared estate plan. 
In contrast, the “do it all for me” client embraces the specialization of labor concept, and seeks to delegate as much of the estate planning process as possible. They value saving time, and would prefer to not have to lift a finger after the initial consultation other than to sign their documents. This approach involves additional in-person meetings to sign estate planning and asset transfer documents, which we are happy to provide. We handle all elements of trust funding for these clients, an area where many estate plans fall apart.