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Estate Planning for Pets

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Pets are family.

Estate planning can protect the well-being of our beloved companion animals. We often include provisions for pets, including pet trusts, as part of our clients’ living trust documents.

7 Questions to Consider When Planning for Pets

  1. What’s your pet’s current standard of living and care need?

  2. What kind of care do you expect the pet’s new caregiver to offer?

  3. Who do you want to be the pet’s caregiver, and who should be the backup caregiver?

  4. How long you expect the pet(s) to live?

  5. How likely your pet is to develop a serious illness?

  6. How much money do you think your pet’s caregiver will need to cover all pet-related expenses?

  7. What should happen to money left behind for a pet or pets once they’ve passed away?

Be as specific as necessary here. If there are certain types of foods that you use, list them. If there are regular routines that your pet is comfortable with and that you’d like the caregiver to continue, then detail them. The more information you can provide, the more likely it will be that your pet will continue to live as they did when you were taking care of them.


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