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Who I Am and What I’m About

My name is Brian Qualls. I’ve been a licensed California attorney for nearly 20 years. I focus exclusively in the areas of trust and estate planning law. It’s a dream law practice I’ve spent my career figuring out and refining.

Most importantly, I'm a family man. I moved to a small town in Ripon California from that Bay Area in order to stay close to my teenage old son from my first marriage, and commute to the Bay Area as needed, but do most of my work remotely. I’m married to my soulmate Christina, who has been in my life for 10 years. She nurtures and inspires me to be a better man. We have two dogs, Teddy (Boston Terrier) and Honey (Pocket Bully). At one point, we had 9 guinea pigs. That was NOT intentional, and I will save the story for another day. We have two birds as well (Sunny and Sky).

I grew up in Fresno California and was raised in a heavily blended family. My Dad passed away in 2020 after being in assisted living for a few years. My Mom is still independent despite a couple of close calls. I have many clients in a similar situation with aging parents, so I definitely can relate. Although it can be challenging at times, we have to stay grateful for every day.

My Philosophy

​I’m different than a lot of other attorneys. My mission is to make the law easy.

I don’t talk over people’s heads. Instead, I take pride in simplifying a subject that can otherwise feel very complex. That being said, I know what I’m doing. I’ve studied and trained hard to get where I am, and believe my clients benefit greatly as a result. I believe it’s important to thoroughly protect my clients and help them understand all of their options.

I’m transparent and accessible. When you call my phone number, you won’t reach a staff person. You will either reach me personally, or you will hear a message (updated daily) informing you of my general schedule for the day and when you can expect to receive a return call.

My Legal Background and Experience

After graduating with distinction from McGeorge School of law in Sacramento in 2004, I practiced as a junior trial lawyer for a mid-size firm in Sacramento. It was fun work at times, but the lifestyle just wasn’t for me. In fact, I used to sit and dream at my desk about going out on my own and working on important personal matters with my clients that impacted their lives in a positive way.

After a year and-a-half with that firm, I stepped out on my own and started learning everything I could about how to work with clients on their trust and estate matters. I joined the premier national association of estate planning attorneys, and purchased training and other resources from some of the top minds and practitioners in the industry. Then, after practicing on my own for a while, I was fortunate to receive the opportunity to work inside three well established estate planning law firms. While at these firms, I received hands on training from distinguished and respected specialist attorneys before ultimately going back out on my own again (which has always been the right fit for me).​

The result of all of the above experiences is that I’ve attained a level of knowledge in the area of trust and estate law that few attorneys have. I’ve personally drafted hundreds of California living trusts and wills, from basic to highly complex. What’s more, the plans truly work. To date, none of my clients I’ve drafted a trust for have had to go through any probate proceedings or similar inconveniences following a death. I’m at a sweet spot in my career where I know what I’m doing, and believe I still have a long time left to continue to do it.​

I serve my community by presenting educational events every year, including seminars for the Alzheimer’s Association, as well as private events for local associations of financial and tax advisors, banks, and real estate professionals.

Why I Do This Work

I choose to practice only in the area of trust and estate law because it allows me to work alongside great clients to help them protect those they love. When a client hires us, we take that relationship seriously. My intention is to be my client’s personal attorney for life.


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