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Most law firms are unwilling to offer pricing information upfront. They will require you to sit through an initial consultation (and potentially even pay for it) before disclosing the overall cost for a Living Trust, Will, and other estate planning documents needed for your situation. Even worse, some firms will bill you hourly for all time spent on your behalf with no guarantee of what the total costs will be.

We disagree with that approach and believe that you deserve a clear outline of your available options and the associated fees. 


The following information pertains to the cost to set up a Trust in California, as the vast majority of our clients go with a Revocable Living Trust for reasons stated elsewhere on this website.

Living Trust Cost

Pricing for Complete Living Trust Package


We offer 3 package options for completing your Living Trust based estate plan.  All options below include complete legal advice and guidance, and custom preparation of the following documents: 


  • Revocable Living Trust (or complete Restatement of an existing Trust)

  • Will 

  • Power of Attorney

  • Health Care Directive and HIPAA Waiver

  • California Real Estate Deed (to transfer a single property to your Living Trust) and County form needed to retain Prop 13 tax base

  • Deed Recording

  • Clear instructions for the funding of all remaining assets into your Trust


You get a comprehensive, expert attorney prepared California Living Trust based estate plan with any of our packages, personalized for your unique situation and goals. As you will see below, the main differences with each option involve the level of personal service you receive. 

Please be aware, our Foundation package option is readily available at this time; however, the Core and Peak levels of service are unavailable currently.         

Note: If your situation includes multiple properties, business interests, beneficiaries with special needs, or if you desire asset protection or remarriage protection, fees will be higher and confirmed following your consultation.

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Comprehensive Virtual Service

Online interview form, virtual consultation(s) via video call or by phone and email, documents sent to you with signing instructions, includes Deed recording.






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Includes a Signing Appointment

All Foundation features, plus a signing appointment with document notarization, witnessing of your Will(s), and signed document scanning.






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Traditional, In-Person Service

Some clients require or simply prefer traditional service. This package includes an initial in-person consultation to design your plan, plus all Core features. 






Currently Unavailable


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