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"My mission is make it easy, rewarding, and...

(dare I say) enjoyable for good and caring people to protect their loved ones with a

living trust based estate plan."

Pleasanton Estate Planning Attorney

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Pleasanton Estate Planning Lawyer

certified specialist estate planning attorney Focused on Making Law Easy

  • Searching for the right attorney to help create (or update) your living trust and estate plan?
    You want to leave a meaningful legacy behind when you are gone, instead of leaving behind a burden for your loved ones or a stressful series of messes to clean up. Perhaps this topic has been a concern for many years now, and you are ready to work with a trusted professional to experience the peace of mind that comes along with completing your estate plan;
  • Searching for the right attorney to help a loved one create or update their estate plan?
    Perhaps you are an adult child of a parent who relies on you for input and guidance. If that sounds like you, I respect your effort, and personally know exactly what it’s like to be in that role. You want to be sure that you find an attorney that really knows what he or she is doing so they can make the process as easy and hassle-free as possible. You also likely want to be sure the attorney will be fair and transparent with the legal fees involved, and be there after the fact when your family needs support; or
  • A professional advisor looking for an attorney to assist your clients with implementing their living trust and estate plans?
    Perhaps you have worked with other attorneys in the past who made the process too complex or difficult to understand, were slow to respond to questions or concerns, or who valued their hourly billings more than their client relationships. You are ready to have an attorney you can count on who values integrity above all else.

What brings you here? 

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Welcome to my firm’s home on the web. I’m really glad you’re here. If you’re looking for practical information about trusts and estate planning that is up-to-date and easy to understand, you’re definitely in the right place.

When you’re ready to take the next step on your estate planning journey, options for getting started are clearly laid out in the our process page and the call to action buttons located on nearly every page. You can also give me a call and I will take it if I’m available, or the message you receive will let you know when you can expect to hear back.

I look forward to connecting soon!

-Brian Qualls

Certified Specialist in Estate Planning, Trust and Probate Law by the State Bar of California



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