Brian Qualls

Brian Qualls, Attorney at Law

My name is Brian Qualls. I’ve been a licensed California attorney for almost 15 years now.

I’m different than a lot of other attorneys. Our firm’s mission is to make the law easy for our clients. For me, that starts with focusing exclusively in the area of trust and estate law. It’s a dream law practice for me in many ways, one I have spent my entire career figuring out and refining.

After graduating with distinction from McGeorge School of law in 2004, I practiced as a junior trial lawyer for business and civil cases for one of the larger firms in Sacramento. It was fun work at times, but the lifestyle just wasn’t for me. In fact, I used to sit and dream at my desk about going out on my own and working on important personal matters with my clients, such as drafting trusts and wills so their estates would be organized in a way that doesn’t leave a burden behind for loved ones, and leaves a truly positive legacy instead.

Soon thereafter, I stepped out on my own and started learning everything I could about how to work with clients on their trust and estate matters. I joined the premier national association of estate planning attorneys, and purchased training and other resources from the top minds and practitioners in the industry. Then, after practicing on my own for a while, I was fortunate to receive the opportunity to work inside three well established estate planning law firms. While at these firms, I received hands on training from some of the most distinguished and respected specialist attorneys in California before ultimately going back out on my own again (which has always been the right fit for me).

The result of all of the above experiences is that I’ve attained a level of knowledge and expertise in the area of trust and estate law that few attorneys have. That experience includes personally drafting hundreds of California living trusts and wills, from basic to highly complex. What’s more, the plans truly work. To date, none of my clients I’ve drafted a trust for have had to go through any probate proceedings or similar inconveniences following a death. I’m at a sweet spot in my career where I know what I’m doing, and believe I still have a long time left to continue to do it.

My associations include serving as a board member for the Young Lawyers Association, and membership in local Trust and Estate sections of the California Bar. I’ve also served my community by giving several presentations every year, including educational seminars for the Alzheimer’s Association, as well as local associations of financial and tax advisors, banks, and real estate professionals.

I choose to practice only in the area of trust and estate law because it allows me to work alongside great clients to help them protect what they love. When a client hires us, they have a lifelong relationship with me.  I don’t bill by the hour. My clients know there is never a charge to speak to me or email me throughout their lifetimes, and that any work I do for them over the years will be for a flat fee that we agree upon in advance.  My goal is to be my client’s personal attorney for life.